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our story

In 1998 The Guerrero Family Had the opportunity to show case our Family's Salsa recipes. Maria and Miguel Guerrero worked at a local store where they became friends with the owner then, and eventually were given the okay to process our family's recipes. This chapter was short lived as Maria became I'll and was not able to keep performing her job duties. With her illness also came new opportunities as the customers became very demanding of the salsas. The owner now turned to the family in search of filling the demand of his customers, and in 1999 The Guerrero Family ventured into processing and learning how to bring the delicious spiciness everywhere. Although we no longer do business with that company we are forever grateful for the opportunity. We here at Maria's Salsa pride ourselves in the endless adventure of bringing the best possible products to the kitchens or place of eateries of all our clients.

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